• Terra Vitis is first and foremost a movement of people who are passionate about what they do. Passion for the vines, for wine and the pleasure of handing on their knowledge of wine.
  • Because people who are passionate are fascinating, Terra Vitis cellars are committed to welcoming you all over France, in the spirit of respect and conviviality, to share a wine-loving moment.


  • When passion and reason are as one. The Terra Vitis brand guarantees wines that have been crafted following a rigorous approach with the well-being of the consumer firmly in mind.
  • Choosing Terra Vitis wines is treating yourself to quality, healthy and authentic wines that all have one characteristic at the fore: the insurance of sharing a moment of pleasure.


  • The Terra Vitis movement is very attached to our vineyards’ traditional values. In parallel, Terra Vitis takes part in technical and innovative advances in the profession. Our vision is the alliance of tradition and innovation at the service of the quality of our members’ wines.

Protection of the environment

  • The Terra Vitis approach is committed to respecting the vineyards and the people who work them. Earth, water, air, vines and wine are elements that are protected by strict rules so that tomorrow, our children can enjoy our viticultural countryside.
  • Acting today for tomorrow is a key principle in the Terra Vitis approach.


  • Any intervention undertaken is integrated to limit its impact on the environment, Man and wine.
  • A register of everything done is kept to ensure total transparency for the consumer: this is traceability.
  • This requirement in the Terra Vitis approach has gained us recognition form the French Ministry of Agriculture since 1998 and High Environmental Value (HVE) certification since 2012.



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Domaine Poiron-Dabin, Chantegrolle
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