The culture of the vine has always been a part of our family since 1858.

We have a solicitor’s deed relating tthe sharing of parcels of vines in that period.

 In 1962 Jean POIRON married Thérèse DABIN. They thrived their estate, L’Enclos, being the owners of several patchs of vines. Thus, they could restructure their vineyard.


Few accomplishments:

  • In 1970, acquisition of the  Clos du Château de la Verrie
  • In 1990, acquisition of the  Domaine de Chantegrolle with its cellar and its vineyard of 12 ha. Jean Michel and Laurent joined the family business and worked with their father Jean until his retirement in 1999. Thérèse, their mother, worked in the administrative part of the vineyard until December 2004.
  • In 2004, Laurent & Jean-Michel joined together their own farming. They developped their vineyard with the acquisition of the Clos des Tabardières (once property of the Château of Aulnaye, located at the confluence of the Sèvre and Maine rivers).
  • Sandrine, Jean Michel’s wife, who worked with her husband since 1990, succeeded Thérèse in 2004 until now.

Nowadays, we are a beautiful vineyard of 65ha grouped around the Estates of L’Enclos and Chantegrolle.

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Domaine Poiron-Dabin, Chantegrolle
44690, Château-Thebaud