The wine is bottled in our cellars by an outside firm (BETEAU, which has ISO 9001 v2000 certification), using the very latest bottling machines. Bottling is therefore of guaranteed high quality (new bottles are rinsed, pressure control, vacuum corking, checks on filling levels …). The bottles are stored in insulated, air-conditioned buildings. We do our own labelling in our cellars and have a number of stations for this operation:

  • firstly, the bottle is washed and dried,
  • secondly, a capsule is fitted and crimped,
  • thirdly, the bottle is labelled (label, back label, collar, medallion),
  • fourthly, the bottles are packed in cartons,
  • fifthly, the cartons are stacked on pallets.
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Domaine Poiron-Dabin, Chantegrolle
44690, Château-Thebaud