A good soil for vines should have two essential qualities: drain easily and retain moisture even in very dry periods.

We have hot grounds without too much fertility. It gives health and perfume to the grapes.

Our two sub-soil rocks, the granitic schiste and the crumbly granite permit this symbiosis:

The granitic schiste is a great value to the vine-growing. It allows the vine roots to penetrate into the cracks. It is a brown and tender stone which is fissured from top to bottom. It offers a structure and a mineral aspect to the wines: in a word, the paradise for Muscadet.

Luckily, we also have a second outstanding soil, the crumbly granite, which is the ‘Château-Thébaud‘ one. It is also known by its scientific name ‘Biotite and hornblende bearing granodirite’. This is a yellow rock containing a lot of quartz. Here, too, we can produce great and very fruity Muscadets. Our other grape varieties are also planted on these soils.

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